Out Story 

Paul and Janette Peak (a husband/wife team) opened PJP Auto Enterprises, Inc. on October 17, 2002. The building was previously a NAPA store. They repaired, detailed and sold cars all in the same space! Can you imagine trying to have a conversation about buying a car, while a mechanic is working in the same space with a loud drill? They did it and did it well, until 2006 when the Springfield community experienced a devastating tornado.

After the tornado, Paul and Janette decided to rebuild. They purchased the Jiffy Lube to the east of their current location and remodeled, adding in offices for functionality. However, in 2010, they experienced a detrimental fire that engulfed the entire building. It seemed the odds had been set against the young business owners. Could they rebuild again? The Peak's discussed their options and prayed for guidance. They knew they had customers and employees with families that relied on them and their business. There was only one option and that was to overcome and continue.

In the days after the fire, they ran PJP Auto Enterprises, Inc. (renamed PJP Autos) out of a borrowed motor home, and finally a double-wide trailer they rented for almost a year, while waiting for the new building to be constructed. They've been blessed and in business ever since.  Paul and Janette are kind-hearted people with core Christian values. This has been proven time and again due to the perseverance they've shown over the years. The PJP Team has grown with them over the years and have become the support that drives the business.  Paul and Janette Peak want to say thank you and God Bless to the community for their continued support.

We all know bad things can happen to good people.  Unpredictable things can happen and people need a boost to get back on their feet.  We help people to re-establish credit with credit reporting to Trans Union.  We do our best to help as many customers as possible.  We also know that owning a reliable car is a big step towards re-establishing good credit.  Unlike other dealerships where you are just a number, we want to establish a longterm relationship where we treat you with respect and make sure every detail of auto ownership meets your needs and helps to improve your quality of life.  If you would like a no obligation discussion feel free to call us using the CONTACT US form and a member from our team will reach out to provide you with more information.  We want to earn your loyalty.