What is buy here pay here

There is some misconception about what a Buy Here Pay Here dealership is. Buy Here Pay Here is simply a financing solution where we are the bank. We service your loan right HERE. This gives us full control in making the decisions to best help you. It gives us the ability to say yes when others say no. PAY HERE simply means you make your payment here on site as opposed to mailing it off somewhere to a third party. Our loans are short term with most being 2 to 3 years. We tailor the payments to work with your lifestyle and paydates. With nearly 50 percent of Americans having a credit challenge and not able to qualify for a traditional auto loan with a conventional financial institution, we help get you on the road with our financing program.  It is our goal to exceed your expectation and make your experience with us pleasurable from start to finish.  With PJP Autos you alse get the advantage of monthly credit reporting to help you establish, reestablish, or build you current credit as well, something can help you long into the future. 

What makes us different?

With so many different options for you to get a vehicle, we know that we need to set ourselves apart from the rest. So what do we offer that you can't get anywhere else? Along with a financing method that unlike traditional dealerships, does not depend solely on your credit score and a huge diverse inventory of higher-quality vehicles, you get US! You get us to help you along every step of the way and with over 60 years of combined industry experience, we are always by your side. When you purchase a vehicle from us, our work only just begins. A laid back, low pressure environment is our promise to you as well as never setting you up for a situation that does not work for you or a payment that you can't afford. We truly want to earn your business for life and we understand the only way to achieve that is to ensure that your experience with us is positive one. We look forward to you joining our family and earning your business.

Do we offer warranties?

Every vehicle that is sold to a retail customer comes with a 15 DAY 500 MILE warranty protecting the powertrain components of the vehicle. We also have available with our in house financing program a very comprehensive 6 MONTH 6000 MILE warranty that we include with your purchase to give you that extra protection and peace of mind. Plus unlike many of the gimmick warranties that many dealers are "including" with the purchase of a vehicle, our warranty covers much more than just the basic train components. In the case of a breakdown, we will help you through the entire process.

How do we handle the servicing of the vehicles we sell?

Because we know how important a vehicle purchase is, we handpick only vehicles that we feel will be dependable and reliable upon their sale. Every vehicle goes through a 71 point computer-tested inspection to ensure safety and reliability through our service facility right here on site. We spend an average of $800 per vehicle for reconditioning to ensure every vehicle is ready for sale. If it does not meet those expectations, the vehicle is not offered for sale. We realize that things can come up throughout the course of owning a vehicle. Having our service facility right here on site gives us the ability to help you out in ways other dealers cannot and will not.  All vehicles will need some sort of servicing over the course of its existence and we want to help our customers find the most affordable means of repairing their vehicle and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

What kind of vehicles do we sell?

We carry over 130 vehicles in our inventory at any given time. With all makes of cars, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, and even work vehicles, there is always a vehicle available to fit your wants and needs. Vehicle History Reports are available on any vehicle that is offered for sale only limited by the year or some vehicles.

How much money do you need down and how much are payments?

Down payments can vary based on your individual approval and the vehicle that you are looking at. The most important aspect is that we get you an affordable payment. The down payment typically starts around $500. We have payments starting as low as $60 per week and can vary depending on the vehicle. We don't want your purchase to be a burden to you.  Down payments are a good thing!  They ultimately lessen the amount and term of the loan to pay it off quicker.

What is requiered to purchase a vehicle?

Do you have a valid Illinois driver's license with your current address? Do you have a verifiable form of income showing at least $1300 per month? Have you been at your residence and on your job for at least 30 consecutive days? Those are the requirements to get the approval process started.  Bring in those items with you and we will get the application process started.  You are also welcome to submit your information online for a preapproval as well.

Where do I make payments?

Auto-Pay: The majority of our customers take advantage of our Auto-Pay Program! This allows you to match your payment due date with your pay date, saving you time and money! You pay us when you get paid!!! Come by our office so we can help you set this up today! NO FEES! Office: You can stop by our office located at 3100 S. Douglas Ave, Springfield, IL 62704 and make your payment in person during business hours with cash or debit/credit card.  We also have an online portal that you can pay your account on here on our website.